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October 18, 2018 — alsternerd

Last week I got myself an ebookreader, a Tolino Vision 3 HD, it was used and cheaper since the new Vision 4 HD came out.

I didn't use it much, but loaded it with tons of ebooks form the humblebundle on bash scripting, Linux tools, Ansible and Ethereum, although I don't care about Etherreum, but hey, they are in epub. The best thing is that you don't have to register in a store to use it, and just put all the files, epub, pdf and txt into a folder when connected to the computer via USB. But it comes with a preinstalled store from one of the book stores selling these readers, in my case it was the Mayersche. The worst thing is to change the book store you want to buy from is: You can't. You have to register with the preinstalled and then choose another one to /connect/ it to the store already installed and then always have to do the extra step to get to that store.

But it's, as far as I know, one of the best readers on the german market. So I bought it and am very happy with it.

Another thing I tested this week was using it to read comics, just simple and plain black and white, but it works fine and are easy to read using a brighter setting for the backlight, especially if you use the pdf, when you get them through Image Comics. This is because the .epub sadly has the images smaller, maybe I have to adjust a setting for it, hit me on mastodon or email, if you have suggestions on how to get those pictures in comic-epubs into fullscreen.

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